VekaSlide Lift & Slide

  • Up to 4 sliding or fixed sashes
  • Max width 650cm ,height 270cm
  • Low threshold
  • Brake function included in the handle
  • Hidden gaskets ensure the perfect tightness and esthetics
  • Heat transfer coefficient up to 0,66W/m2K

Lift and slide patio doors

Lift and slide patio doors are a great solution for places where you do not have enough space to install a traditional type of entrance. They will allow you to save the space, but also time spent trying to rearrange your apartment. Some of the most famous architects use this type of doors for their projects, because of their modern look and simplicity. Another advantage of this product is how quiet it is to open in comparison to the typical variant.

Our lift and slide patio doors are made from quality materials, able to withstand both hot and cold temperatures and other weather conditions. A massive latch is used to open them very quickly and easily. Every solution that we provide for our customers is carefully planned and then carried out to ensure their satisfaction. We want to look after you and let you feel comfortable and safe, which is why the lift and slide patio doors we offer are so dependable, sturdy and energy efficient.




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