Garage roller doors

Garage roller doors

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Garage roller doors are one of the most popular solutions when it comes to storing cars in private houses, but they also find their use in manufacturing halls and warehouses. They are dependable and solid, but what is really crucial when it comes to their usefulness is how quickly they can be opened. The process of closing and opening the garage roller doors is fully automated, what means that the person parking the vehicle does not need to get out of the car to do that. A simple click on a remote control is what it takes for them to be shut.

Our company produces two types of entrances for a typical garage—roller and sectional doors. Both of them are available in a multitude of colours that help in matching the product with the elevation of the house. Garage roller doors are a great way to keep the building properly insulated and in turn, save on heating expenses. They are made from resilient materials and successfully protect cars and the rest of the house from burglaries and the weather. We kindly invite you to get acquainted with our portfolio, where you will be able to see some of our projects.

Why our garage doors?

  1. Full insurance

    SM Solutions offers a quality range of PVC and aluminium windows and doors, garage doors, roller shutters and grilles, therefore we provide all our customers with full insurance and a guarantee on the durability of the installed equipment.

  2. Customer support

    Comprehensive customer service consists mainly of professional advice, prompt support and the execution of the entire order in accordance with the customer’s needs, expectations and preferences. This is what keeps SM Solutions growing.

  3. High-quality service and verified products

    Doors, windows, including garage roller doors and security shutters, and many other items in the company’s range are proven products made from solid materials. Apart from that their efficient installation guarantees they will last for many years.


Insulated Roller Doors

Insulated aluminium roller doors from our company, SM Solutions, are a great idea for various types of garages, as we provide that they are fully automated and available in many colours. Additionally, the doors provide both thermal and acoustic insulation, so it pays to find out more about this solution and then work with the experts.


Sectional Garage Doors

For a robust, aesthetically pleasing and secure door, it is best to choose garage roller doors from our offer. In this way, customers can choose the exact finish to suit their requirements, including the width of the entrance, even in the case of double garages, so we encourage interested visitors to read more about what we can offer clients.